Since 1979, D & L Weld Inc. - millwright has been supplying customers with proficient industrial services and millwright jobs. D & L Weld Inc. is a dynamic and professional Industrial Millwright, Rigging, Welding and Steel Fabrication Company. We strive to exceed all expectations in providing our customers with quality services and products throughout the United States and Internationally. We believe actions speak louder than words.

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D & L Weld Inc. has a commitment to provide outstanding workmanship under any condition. Our employees are prepared to complete your projects on time every time no matter what the work schedule.

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In our line of business, Safety is of the utmost importance. That's why we are proactive in making sure our employees are trained and equipment is inspected everyday.


We are proud to say that our current NCCI Workers Compensation Experience rating is .77

Our location is key, located just off Interstate 81 in eastern panhandle of West Virginia , we are convenient to Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania as well as Washington D.C.

We also travel  beyond these borders when the job requires.

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